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Butter free Vanilla Cupcake recipe

I’m starting a bit of a new theme with this recipe, as it’s brilliant to make with children, simple mixing, no warming or creaming because you use oil, either sunflower or a simple olive oil, I used sunflower, and these … Continue reading

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The best, suet free, mincemeat recipe

I was given the link to a blog last year for a suet free mincemeat recipe, and it was so truly scrumptious, even though I skimped a little on a couple of ingredients, namely using ordinary brandy and cider, instead … Continue reading

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Pork, mushroom and potato terrine recipe (Patatas a la Campesina)

I saw this recipe while browsing Spanish sites, it looked like perfect picnic fare, or something with a little wow factor to have for dinner with a salad on a hot day. It translates to Potatoes of the Countryside, which … Continue reading

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What to do with leftover Hot Cross Buns…

Having made two batches of HCB‘s I ended up being left with nearly a dozen that were getting a bit stale (should have put some in the freezer but hey ho, this way works too!), even for toasting. So I … Continue reading

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3 Minute Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Yes, that’s right, three minutes, in the microwave. And fantastically easy. You will need some very deep mugs or you will make a real mess of your microwave, but that is it, other than a tablespoon and teaspoon measure.  I … Continue reading

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Fruity Granola / Muesli Recipe

Holy cow, who’d have thought eating healthily could ever taste this good? I am not much of a breakfast person, I hardly ever eat cereal, and I am finding myself looking forward to it, the OH and I are even … Continue reading

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Tomato and Bread Soup Recipe

This soup is amazing, just a handful of ingredients, and the main stars of the dish are over ripe tomatoes and stale bread that some crazy people would bin! I love peasant food, it can be some of the most … Continue reading

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