Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan is only about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Alicante, and its beautiful beaches draw a lot of tourists here.  I haven’t eaten here much lately, but last night we went to Thor Burguer in Cabo Huertas.  Wow, this place is worth mentioning!

Thor Burg: Calle Currican, 44, Local 18-19, Centro Comercial Azahara, Cabo de las Huertas.  965 163 505.  Home delivery available every day except Wednesday.

English menu offered, only a little English spoken, but very friendly so I imagine if your Spanish is minimal you’d get along fine.

We’ve been for other burgers before, but this place is special.  I don’t think it could be rated higher for value for money, the three of us had a bottle of rosé, 2 bottles of water, the special XL burger, the Ranch burger, one of their platos combinados;  steak with green sauce, 2 waffles and an icecream, and 2 liquors.  The liquors were complimentary as I had been there for a drink with one of the proprietor’s friends last week, but still, at 43 Euros I was really impressed.

Highlights were; burgers as big as a small plate (the meals come out on BIG plates and no space is wasted), perfectly cooked, and nestled in homemade buns. Their bread buns are soft and fresh, and it was such a lovely touch, nobody at this level really bakes anymore so this was a pleasure for a budding baker like myself.  Their burger relish is also lovely, it’s a little picante, but the warmth is subtle, and they also serve them with freeze dried onions.  The chips were freshly fried, crispy and golden, and the salad garnish again was freshly cut.  Whoever is cooking takes real pride in their work.

The OH wished the steak was a bit bigger (he’s the biggest carnivore!), but again, there was excellent value for money with this dish.  We shared the XL burger and the steak, I think he would have attempted to eat both without me!

I really wish I’d taken a camera, but I will next time and update this post.

The Ranch burger was great, we have a sauce fiend and she loves barbeque sauce, and the small nibble I was allowed to take confirmed it was just as great as the XL burger.  I should elaborate on the XL, it is 2 mammoth burgers, double cheese, double bacon, 2 fried eggs, tomato, lettuce and onion.  Now you have a double burger from the big guy on the high street, and it’s always a disappointment, with bits of greasy burger sliding out all over the place, and the real McCoy being nothing like the shiny glamourous photos.  The opposite applies here, I think a photo would be unable to fully show you how awesome it is!

The waffles were lovely, and all the desserts are a very good price.

Where the wine is concerned, 8.90E a bottle is reasonable value, the Rosé was 13.5%, and a little tart for me, I´d have preferred something a bit fruitier. I had tried a glass of white last week and felt the same, but of course, you can´t cater to all tastes!   The perfect accompaniment to a burger is probably a cold, crisp beer though in fairness!

The decor is rustic, chunky wooden tables and chairs, and some lovely deep red flooring with tiling, with Nordic scenes on the walls, and  everything is clean.

The service was great, leisurely but attentive, and we will definitely be going back!  It´s only a few minutes walk from home so we’re unlikely to try the home delivery option, but I’m sure it would be great!



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