About me.

I love food. Even more than I love Nigella. Food to me is as crucial as air, since I was old enough to sit up I could be found on the kitchen worktop with a mixing bowl and spoon. Nigella has made  me feel good about this love affair though, and the fact I as a food lover, am carrying the proof on my hips! My waistline probably would prefer it if I were purely on a Mediterranean diet, but I really do love my butter and cream(and cake, mmm).

I am at my happiest creating, glass of wine in hand A La Keith Floyd(another of my culinary heroes), for my loved ones.  Any city I visit the AA guide restaurant section is well thumbed, my suitcase often heaves on the way back from goodies found.  A get together isn’t complete without a serious sit down meal.  Even a camping trip or festival  will see a bundle of herbs, the pressure cooker and a frying pan packed and proper meals  round a camp fire(I much prefer real fire since I had one of those one ring gas cookers explode on me at breakfast, worse for wear and needing a cup of tea).

I devour a good cook book cover to cover, although I rarely follow a recipe religiously, and spend a great portion of each day mulling over what to cook.  A lot of my dreams involve food! A blue mood is always lifted by a baking session, even if the result is then given as a gift to a friend.

Roughly 15 years in the Hospitality industry flamed the embers, my greatest wish is for a big kitchen and a dishwasher, and a shoddy chef is one thing that will really get me incensed!  I have come to terms with the fact I am a feeder, I will never again be slim, and I will spend half my life shopping, only to see the cupboards emptied with the voracity of a tornado!

I have loved the food renaissance of the last ten years, and am thankful to people like Hugh, Jamie et al for stirring us all up about where, when and how we should be buying our food, it makes it a lot easier for us mere mortals to get our hands on reasonably produced, well priced, ethical food.  We moved to Spain a while back and I don’t look so out of place sniffing my fruit and  veg in the shop anymore, although on the quiet I miss the supermarket Mr Oliver pedals a little!  Shopping here is completely different, and as much as I do go local, I jumped for joy at finding the Asian supermarket in the nearest city, and will schlep along the International isle at the hypermarket too. One of the great things with here is that the big supermarkets haven’t killed the local butcher, deli counter, grocer, or fishmonger, so the options are vast and competition means prices are kept low, so if you’ve got the time, a little can go a long way.

I am no posh luvvie with an endless budget, but what I do buy I need to feel happy about, and I need it to go as far as possible. If I go to a restaurant I don’t want to walk away feeling I could have done ten times better for a fraction of the cost, and if I blow the bank on something special I want it to be as spinetinglingly good as possible!

My obsession with all things culinary has been obvious to those around me for some time, my best friend lived with me for a while, couldn’t cook an egg initially and within a year was as impassioned  as me! And so it has led me here; recipes, kitchen gadgets reviews, cost cutting measures and the odd restaurant write up.

If you like what you see here please come and find me on Facebook where I have started a page with each recipe linked, search for “nutsaboutfood.wordpress.com”. Hopefully from small acorns now one day I will be a mighty oak!


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