Pork, mushroom and potato terrine recipe (Patatas a la Campesina)

I saw this recipe while browsing Spanish sites, it looked like perfect picnic fare, or something with a little wow factor to have for dinner with a salad on a hot day. It translates to Potatoes of the Countryside, which makes me think this is the sort of rustic and authentic food I am always in search of. In essence it is a simple, liver free terrine with bacon wrapping up all the other ingredients, and having now made it twice I will definitely be adding it to our regular appearances. Unfortunately the link no longer shows the recipe so I’m glad I translated it when I did!  I added a little garlic to the mushrooms and used fresh thyme instead of Herbs de Provence, but then I am not one to follow a recipe religiously!

Yesterday was mostly spent at the beach with some family and friends so having something ready I’d prepared in the morning meant  the main part of dinner was already tackled, and it looked great pride of place amongst the other tapas we had.

Lomo adobado is sold everywhere here, it is fresh pork loin marinaded in paprika, garlic and other herbs for what can be a few days, and the butcher cuts you thin slices. A good marinade recipe for making this yourself is here, and it certainly looks worth the time spent, but for most of us thinking a couple of days ahead is a bit much(although I believe even overnight marinading would be enough), so if you don’t have the time and can’t get it ready to go then normal pork loin will work equally as well.  My preference is unsmoked bacon for this, as the fillings are quite subtle and I don’t want to overpower the flavours, but feel free to use what you prefer.

Ideally this is made in a circular deep lipped oven dish, but as I don’t have one I used a large square roughly 30 x 30cm dish.  This will feed six generously. I have given approximate weights of the pork and bacon as you may use a little more or less bacon depending on how big your slices are, and the pork, you need one full layer, stretch it out if you don’t have much, overlap it if you have lots.


approx 30 slices / 400g unsmoked streaky bacon
approx 8 slices / 400g lomo adobado / thinly sliced pork loin
1 kg peeled potatoes
200 g oyster mushrooms
200 g creme fraiche
200g grated cheese
2 cloves garlic
olive oil for frying
a sprinkle of fresh thyme, or dried herbs de provence
salt and pepper


  • Boil your peeled, whole potatoes until they are still firm but cooked, about twenty minutes. Drain and leave to cool until you can touch them easily.  Cut into thin slices about 5mm thick.
  • Preheat your oven to gas mark 6, 200 degC, 400 degF.
  • Finely chop the garlic, and roughly chop the mushrooms. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and briefly cook the mushrooms with the garlic, and a little salt and pepper until they are lightly golden in colour. Place to one side and allow to cool.
  • Line your dish with bacon, making sure you leave plenty over the edges to bring over your fillings, and that you have overlapped slightly.  Reserve a few slices to ensure that you can  fully cover the top.
  •  With half the potatoes, add a layer snugly.

  • Add a generous layer of the pork slices, then spread the cooled mushrooms over the meat.
  • Add the rest of the potatoes in another layer. Spread the creme fraiche evenly, then sprinkle the cheese, and herbs, over.
  • Bring the bacon over , and use the reserved slices to fill in any gaps. The bacon will most likely shrink a little during cooking so make sure you have a good coverage.

Place into the oven for around forty five minutes until the bacon is golden. Allow to cool and then flip out onto a large board or plate so that the bottom is now the top.  I do this by putting the board on top of the oven dish and then flipping.  Eat with a lovely dressed salad, watercress is excellent with this if you can get it.

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