What to do with leftover Hot Cross Buns…

Having made two batches of HCB‘s I ended up being left with nearly a dozen that were getting a bit stale (should have put some in the freezer but hey ho, this way works too!), even for toasting. So I made up an enormous dish of Bread and Butter pudding, which was delicious!

Well actually no butter, I halved each bun and smeared them with my Clementine Marmalade, before making up a litre of custard (of which I used 750ml, but I have made Bread and Butter pudding before and not made enough custard). I kept the custard lowish in fat by not putting any cream in and using semi skimmed milk only, so the biggest naughtiness was the liberal sprinkle of demerera sugar I gave it before going into the oven.

Most people won’t have nearly a dozen rolls left, so four to six rolls and a pint of custard in an oven dish will give you a good pudding for four. Use butter, or marmalade (the orange goes very well with the fruit of the buns) or jam, even chocolate spread, layer them on a slant, and once your custard is made up (use shop bought but thin it down a little if it’s the instant type or make your own-this is a good recipe and the cornflour ensures it will thicken) pour over the buns, making sure you get them all, until the level of custard is about half way up the dish. Give the buns a little push into the custard, then leave to let it soak into them for about half an hour.

Sprinkle some brown sugar over the surface before putting into a preheated oven at gas mark 6 / 200 deg C / 400 deg F, for about half an hour to forty minutes, turning once to make sure it evenly browns.

Gorgeous eaten on its own, sinful when eaten with cream or icecream, or even more custard! I worked at a Hotel where some people would have icecream, cream and custard all together over their pudding!

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