3 Minute Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Yes, that’s right, three minutes, in the microwave. And fantastically easy. You will need some very deep mugs or you will make a real mess of your microwave, but that is it, other than a tablespoon and teaspoon measure.  I don’t think they can be very good for you, but that is not what these are about.  They are about needing a chocolate hit, right now.  The recipe I used said they are five minute muffins, but it can take a little longer than two minutes to get it all together in the mug.

These muffins are not keepers, they are throw it together and eat whilst still warm. Allrecipes says they are for breakfast, I think they are better when you are a little worse for wear and wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth! That was the case for us anyway the two times I have made these, terrible photos I’m afraid as it was late, and I’d had one or two glasses of vino! I think that is a testament to how easy these are though, if you can do it merry, anybody can do it!

Use white plain flour if you don’t have any wholemeal, it still works.

The ingredients are per muffin.


4 tbsp wholemeal plain flour
4 tbsp demerera sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/3 tsp baking powder
2 tsp chocolate chips (optional)
2 tbsp whisked egg , and (this is roughly one medium egg which is what I used)
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp sunflower oil
few drops vanilla extract


There is no method! Literally put everything into the mug, stir it up well. It should be about two thirds full. Take a pinch of sugar and sprinkle over the tops. These are very tall Eurodisney mugs, the first time I made these I thought a smaller mug would be ok and it overflowed!

Microwave on high for three minutes, keep an eye on them as you may need to stop it a few seconds early. It will be sticky and bubbly.

Let the muffin stand for ten minutes before turning out onto a plate, or five and grab a spoon and eat it from the mug!  A liberal drizzle of double cream adds to the sin, and the taste!

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