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What to do with leftover Hot Cross Buns…

Having made two batches of HCB‘s I ended up being left with nearly a dozen that were getting a bit stale (should have put some in the freezer but hey ho, this way works too!), even for toasting. So I … Continue reading

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3 Minute Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Yes, that’s right, three minutes, in the microwave. And fantastically easy. You will need some very deep mugs or you will make a real mess of your microwave, but that is it, other than a tablespoon and teaspoon measure.  I … Continue reading

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Fruity Granola / Muesli Recipe

Holy cow, who’d have thought eating healthily could ever taste this good? I am not much of a breakfast person, I hardly ever eat cereal, and I am finding myself looking forward to it, the OH and I are even … Continue reading

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Tomato and Bread Soup Recipe

This soup is amazing, just a handful of ingredients, and the main stars of the dish are over ripe tomatoes and stale bread that some crazy people would bin! I love peasant food, it can be some of the most … Continue reading

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Candied Peel Recipe

I’ve been working on a Hot Cross Bun recipe, and had run out of candied peel that I bought ages ago, the Sundora brand is a good one if you need back up supplies, I have a mountain of peel … Continue reading

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Super soft and fluffy Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Back in the days when you couldn’t get Hot Cross Buns all year round, and before supermarkets made things so hard for the small producer, I remember getting them just before Easter from your local bakers, the spicy smell could … Continue reading

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