Double Chocolate Breakfast Roll (or any time of the day) recipe

I’m sat here currently tucking into one of these bad boys with a morning Mocha coffee, and absolutely have to share this recipe with you immediately!

My eldest daughter claims not to like cinnamon (this is a bit of a fib as she eats plenty of things with it in) so as I was planning on making up a batch of cinnamon rolls yesterday I decided to have a root through my newest cookbook to see if I could find something along the same lines she would like, and even though this has a sprinking of cinnamon in the dough the double dose of chocolate I was sure would hit the spot.  And I was right!

This recipe comes from The Big Book of Baking by Love Food, an imprint of Parragon Books Ltd.   I got it for a total bargain and it is a great tome full of lovely glossy pictures. And this recipe worked beautifully.  I only did a half batch as I was making up the above forementioned cinnamon rolls(of which once recipe perfected will be written up too) so made 12 instead of 24.  So I’m writing this up as a half batch for you.  Oh, and it says to use milk chocolate, I used dark, it was still child friendly, but tastes, I think, a little more indulgent.

To have this for breakfast you would need to be up at dawn, so I made these last night, and couldn’t resist having one warm out of the oven, they are fabulous fresh, but also great cold, or popped in the microwave wrapped in clingfilm for 15-20 seconds.  I will make up another batch and see how they cook if you prepare and put them on a tray the day before, wrap them loosely and keep in the fridge, baking in the morning, and let you know.

You will need a big mixing bowl, a smaller heatproof / microwaveable bowl, a rolling pin (or something to roll -I’ve used things like a clean wine bottle before-strip the label off first though, or cover the dough with cling film), and a baking tray (2 trays if doubling this batch).  Give yourself 3 hours, from start to finish, as you have to let the dough prove, and in the winter months you really will need to find somewhere warm to help it along!


300g / 11oz  plain flour, plus extra for dusting (this could catch you out, I used between 50-100g / 1-2 oz more)

4g / 1 level teaspoon dried yeast

60g / 2oz  caster sugar

pinch salt (1/4 teaspoon)

half a teaspoon cinnamon

40g / 1 1/2 oz butter

1 egg, beaten, plus some beaten egg to glaze

150ml / 5 fl oz / 1/4 pint milk

oil for greasing

For filling: chocolate spread and chopped up milk or dark chocolate depending on preference. *I was  pretty liberal with the spread and a bit meaner on the chocolate, the book’s quantities for a half batch are 3 tablespoons of spread and 100g chocolate, I probably used a spoonful more spread and 70g chocolate. Go with your taste here.*

  • In the big bowl mix your dry ingredients together-the flour, yeast, sugar, salt and cinnamon. Make a well in the middle.
  • Put the butter in the smaller bowl and either microwave it on a low setting, or melt over a saucepan of simmering water. When it has cooled a little(this is so you don’t cook the egg) whisk in the egg and milk.
  • To the big bowl pour in the wet ingredients.

  • Mix well to form a ball of dough. It should be dry enough that no mixture is left round the sides of the bowl and you can lift it out onto a well floured surface.

  • Keeping your surface well floured to avoid the dough sticking, knead for about ten minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Put into a floured bowl and leave covered for one and a half to two hours.
  • Pre-heat your oven to 220degC / gas mark 7 / 425degF
  • Take your dough onto a lightly floured surface and push any air out. I worked it in one piece, but you could divide into two here. Roll your dough into a rectangle(or 2) about one inch (2.5cm) thick.  I got carried away a bit here and rolled it a bit thinner, probably to half this thickness, and it worked really well still. So my one piece of dough probably measured 20cm x 30cm (8 x 12 inch).
  • Smother with chocolate spread and sprinkle with chopped chocolate pieces, and roll from the long edge.

  • Use a very sharp knife to cut into slices about an inch thick and place cut side down on a greased or lined baking tray.

  • Brush with a little beaten egg and pop in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

Allow to cool down a little, and enjoy! (Or once cool keep in an airtight container)

Footnote:  I had several of these and some cinnamon rolls going a bit stale, don’t think that’s the end for these little beauties! I sliced them long ways, greased an oven dish with butter and spread a little on the cut sides, and made up enough egg custard to cover them in the dish. I let the bread soak up the custard for at least 15 minutes, sprinkled some sugar on the top and into the oven (gas mark 5 ish) it went for about half an hour, and it became bread and butter pudding! Seriously, for left overs, this was incredible!

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